We Are “Meeting” by Phone Now

The Lackawanna Coalition is still alive and looking our for you, the riders on NJ Transit.  We have succeeded in convincing NJ Transit to run more trains for those of us who still need them and ride them.

Historically, we met at Millburn Town Hall since our organization was founded in 1979.  At the moment, most of the world is locked down, and our normal meeting room is closed.  That does not mean we are out of action, though.  We are meeting by telephone conference at our normal meeting time, 6:45 pm on the fourth Monday or every month (the one exception being May 18 because of Memorial Day).  We will keep “meeting” by phone every month until our regular meeting room is available again. 

We still have presentations, the latest news from the Morris & Essex and our other rail lines, and a lively discussion at every “meeting”; just as we did when we met in person.  We hope to meet in person again soon, but in the meantime, wel invite you to participate in our phone conferences.

If you wish to join us on the phone, please send an e-mail message to us at info@lackawannacoalition.org, and we will assign a phone number that you can use to call us at the appropriate time.  

We also hope that you will join the Coalition and help us with our efforts to keep our transit going during these difficult times.  Our dues for individual members are still only $15 per year!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check our forum on this web site for more of the latest rail news.

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