Watch This Space! We’re Coming Back!

We are making a lot of changes at the Lackawanna Coalition these days, and we are doing it for YOU, our constituents!

Things have changed in the last few weeks, since the COVID-19 virus struck our area.  People are traveling less staying home more, and not holding face-to-face meetings at all.  That includes us, as we have been meeting on the phone until Millburn Town Hall opens up again.

NJ Transit is still running, and we still have the level of train service that we have historically had on week-ends, plus some extra trains for the remaining commuters; thanks to an effort by your advocates here at the Lackawanna Coalition and our colleagues at the New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers (NJ-ARP).  

We want to keep you informed about the latest rail news and give you some thought-provoking comments, too.  That is why we are bringing this portion of our web site back.  It’s all part of an effort to improve our communications with you, our constituents.  Whether you still commute, ride occasionally, or are staying home on a hiatus from commuting, we are still here for you and your community. If you are involved with the life of your community, we will keep you informed about what is happening on the railroad and on other matters concerning your transit.

So check in with us and find out what our members have to say.  We welcome your comments and suggestions, too.  Send us a message at, if you wish to comment!

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