2014 Was a Big Year for the Coalition

It is our mission to serve YOU, as riders on New Jersey Transit’s trains and connecting transit.  We continue to pursue this mission, and we made progress last year.

We celebrated our 35th anniversary of service to you in April.  The following month, New Jersey Transit Executive Director Veronique “Ronnie” Hakim presented us with a citation from the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and employees of NJT, in recognition of our 35 years of advocacy for better transit.  This is a singular honor, and I know of no precedent of a rider-advocacy organization being honored by a transit authority in that manner.  Perhaps because of this honor, we are engaging in conversations with NJT managers more today than we have for the past 12 years.

We have made a difference to one of our communities, too.  Mount Tabor in Morris County is a historic community where only a few trains on the Morris & Essex Line stop; most of them pass through without stopping.  We are advocating on behalf of that community for better service, and New Jersey Transit recently added 4 weekday trains to Mount Tabor’s schedule.  That constitutes an improvement in mobility for the Mount Tabor community.  We will continue this effort until Mount Tabor has full service.  With your help, we can improve mobility for you and your community, too.

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