NJT Analogizes Weather Emergencies to Terrorism When It Comes to Preparedness

New Jersey Transit management has refused to disclose information regarding its plans for hurricane preparedness, telling the Lackawanna Coalition that storm preparations are considered part of an “All Hazard Planning Process” that includes planning concerning “terrorism issues”.  The Coalition had requested a copy of NJT’s plan to deal with severe storms, in light of the severe damage done to many of the agency’s rail cars and locomotives, which flooded after being left in low-lying yards in Hoboken and at the Meadowlands Maintenance Center.  The Coalition understands that information on how to deal with terrorism issues is sensitive and is normally restricted, but objects to NJT characterizing severe weather preparation in the same way. 
The Coalition believes that our riders and our communities have a right to know how NJT plans to safeguard costly assets that were paid for with our tax dollars and our fares.