The Penn Station Project: What It Means for the Future of NYC

Date(s) – 12/14/2022
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Details will be added as they are announced (e.g., ending time).


From the Crain’s New York Web page:

The Crain’s New York Business newsroom and Crain’s Content Studio are excited to co-host an event to discuss the Governor’s Penn Station rehabilitation project, including the financing mechanism, the transportation plan, its impact on the surrounding neighborhood, and the question of whether Madison Square Garden should move to a nearby location when its special permit expires next year. Crain’s will shine a light on these critical issues with several notable government officials along with veteran New Yorkers who will weigh in on this transformative project.

Registration link is not up yet; watch here or on their site.  Other events are live, so we are assuming the same for this.  No info on cost at this point.

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