“Re-RUN” Tour of Connectivity, NJ Transit into NYC

Date(s) – 09/30/2023
10:30 am – 4:00 pm


Update: Tour postponed!

Between weather and member conflicts, it seemed reasonable to move the planned tour to a later date—we’ll announce it in the Railgram and by e-mail.

This tour will be a repeat of the tour that was scheduled on April 30, 2023 as part of a Rail Users’ Network (RUN) conference that was scheduled for Newark, but moved on-line.

This tour will track the schedule from that event, with a later start and some minor differences. It will include all rail lines and facilities that were part of the plans for the April tour.

  • 10:30 a.m. Meet at Penn Station Newark and tour facility.
    10:58 a.m. Take Newark Light Rail to Broad St. Station, arrive 11:07 and see station. ($1.60/75¢)
    11:19 a.m. Take Train 518 to Hoboken, arrive 11:40 and see station. ($3.50/$1.60)
    12:05 p.m. Optional HBLRT round-trip to Newport, return to Hoboken at 12:20. ($4.50/$2.20 RT)
    12:24 p.m. Take Train 1717 to Kingsland, Arrive 12:41 and stop at Lyndhurst Pastry Shop. ($3.50/$1.60)
    1:00 p.m. Take Train 1714 to Secaucus, Arrive 1:07 and see station. ($5.25/$2.45)
    1:25 p.m. Take next train from Secaucus to New York Penn Station. (Above fares include this segment.)
    2:00 p.m. Walking tour of Penn Station and Exterior of Madison Square Garden, led by Joseph M. Clift.
    3:15 p.m. Walk to Grand Central, and see original and new LIRR stations. (Some of us may cheat and take a subway; $2.90 additional.)
    4:30 p.m. Break at GCT, with early dinner afterward, if desired.


    This tour involves a lot of walking, so wear comfortable walking shoes.
    The New York portion of the tour has a limit of 15 participants. Priority will be given to Lackawanna Coalition, SCDRTAC, and RUN members.
    Participants for the Penn Station segment will meet at NJT Customer Service on Seventh Avenue side.
    E-mail info@lackawannacoalition.org with your cell-phone number to coördinate registration and ensure that we have contact info for all participants should anything change or we get separated during the tour.
    This itinerary is subject to change in the event of rain or of an unforeseen change in transit operations.
    This tour has been scheduled to allow people from South Jersey or Philadelphia to participate.
    Total cost amounts to $18.35 base fares, or $8.60 for senior/disabled. All fares are on NJ Transit except “cheaters’” subway fare. Pastry at the Kingsland Station stop and dinner after the tour are not included in these costs, nor is fare to get home.

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