Officer Elections at December Meeting

Each December, the Lackawanna Coalition elects officers for the upcoming year; this year, we look to have a full slate and, as always, will take nominations from the floor.
Current officers are willing to retain their positions:

  • Sally Jane Gellert, Chairperson
  • Bob Hingel, Vice Chairperson
  • Brad Payeur, Treasurer
  • Daniel Chazin, Secretary
  • Vito Havrilla, Legislative Director
  • David Anderson, Technical Director

Running to fill vacancies are the following:

  • Rachel Herman, Communications Director
  • George Kaufer, Membership Director

All members who have joined before 1 July 2023 are eligible to vote; we will have a list of voting members at our November meeting. The Executive Committee will provide a means of voting by absentee ballot for those who indicate that they will require such accommodation; details will be finalized by the November Executive Committee and confirmed and explained at the November membership meeting.

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