LC Members Assist New Riders

The Lackawanna Coalition realizes that many people are nervous about taking public transportation, and yet for the March to End Fossil Fuels on Sunday, Sept. 17, both for practical reasons (a number of streets near the march route will be closed off, meaning close parking is also less available than usual) and for environmental reasons (driving through traffic to march for the end of fossil fuels is ironic at best, and uncomfortable at worst), many New Jerseyans who most often drive will be rallying at train stations that morning and travelling together, by train, to the march. Many of them will be infrequent or brand-new riders, and a good experience might encourage them to consider riding the rails more often.

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To this end, Lackawanna Coalition members are stepping up encourage environmentally concerned persons to take the train more often and help familiarize them with the railroad. In the past, Coalition members have been at Secaucus Station to observe NJ Transit’s handling of events such as the Superbowl game in 2014, and along with NJ Transit staff that is sometimes deployed, have helped new riders. We see the possibility for such public service again on Sept. 17, and will be out at some stations (personally, I will be at Anderson Street) at which rallies are happening. Some folks will be sending off marchers at the end of the rally; others will be taking the train to join the march. Whichever role feels most comfortable to you, links to information about each specific rally and which train is recommended may be found at (scroll down—but if you want to see the list of more than 150 interest- or identity-based hubs, there is a link for that near the top of the page).

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