NJ Transit Accessibility Forum

Semiannual accessibility forum is becoming a routine matter at NJ Transit—but not so routine that publicity can be neglected. The latest was on Tuesday, June 27, the day after our June meeting, and attendance was dismal or worse. A few folks attended remotely by Zoom, another handful or two in person in Newark. We had asked at the June 26 SCDRTAC meeting about publicity, as our members were unable to find a phone number and code and were assured that it was covered. “Not!”

As usual, there was time for public comment, followed by presentations and Q&A. The new Lyndhurst station was being discussed, so I asked about Kingsland—they apparently had not considered it at all. The Coalition has discussed its advantageous location for bus transfers and in downtown and will have a resolution calling for its upgrading to ADA compliance, given these features and the distance between the stations.

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