Who in Congress Represents You Now?

After the 10-year census, states’ populations are calculated and Congressional representatives are redistributed across the United States. Accordingly, every 10 years, a new map for New Jersey’s Congressional districts is drawn. The 2022-2031 Congressional redistricting map was adopted on December 22, 2021. Many New Jersey residents will find that their Congressional Representative has changed. Go to https://njredistrictingcommission.org/ to view the maps. There is the state map of the 12 districts and 14 municipal maps of the divided towns.

Will “Centrist Democrats” Represent Your Interests in Congress?

Mikie Sherrill represents the 11th District. The 11th District now covers much of the Morristown Line, from South Orange to Dover (except Summit); it also covers the Montclair-Boonton Line from Bloomfield to Dover. (Some riders in Montclair are still in the 10th district.) The 11th District is composed of municipalities in Passaic and Essex counties that lean Democrat and municipalities in Morris County that often lean Republican. How will this bode for mass transit users? For one issue, some political capital may be invested.

In July 2021, the Lackawanna Cut-Off Rail Restoration Caucus was formed. It comprises Representatives Mike Cartwright and Susan Wild from Pennsylvania, and Mikie Sherrill and Josh Gottheimer from New Jersey. Its purpose is to secure funding for restoration of rail service to Scranton. Although service to Andover could in theory start within a few years, New Jersey Transit has yet to show it “Under Construction” on the NJT Rail Map. Will this Congressional caucus put pressure on NJT to move service restoration beyond MOS-1 to Andover? The Lackawanna Coalition has long supported the Cut-Off.

By the way, Susan Wild, Josh Gottheimer, and Mikie Sherrill are members of The New Democrat Coalition. Mikie Sherrill and Josh Gottheimer are also part of the Blue Dog Coalition. These two coalitions are for centrist political orientations.

Blue Dogs Leaning In

Will some of New Jersey’s Democratic Representatives walk a centrist path in order to claim political viability? They may do so indeed, so agitate them anyway. Remember: New Jersey Eleventh for Change made demonstrations at Rodney Frelinghuysen’s offices. In the 5th District, anti-Scott Garrett billboards were put up. Neither are in Congress now.

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