Bike Sharing Eyed in 3 Hudson Cities

Bicycle sharing programs, such as went into service in New York City in the past year, may come to the Hudson River cities of Hoboken, Jersey City, and Weekhawken, as the three cities consider a joint plan to field 800 bikes at docking stations.  The plan, reported by Andrew Tangel in the Wall Street Journal (March 10), would be only a fraction of New York City’s 6000-bicycle operation, but would enhance the Jersey cities’ bid to be considered as an urban alternative to the Big Apple. Bike-sharing systems are no longer a fanciful experiment, says Corinne Kisner, quoted in Tangel’s article: “Bike-share in general has really gone from an experiment for cities as they’re looking to be more progressive and attract workers,” Kisner said. The Jersey City city council was set to vote on the proposal on March 12.