NJT’s Board and Executive Director Honor Jim Raleigh

At its meeting on Nov. 13, the New Jersey Transit Board of Directors paid tribute to the late James T. Raleigh (1934-2013), who had served as the Lackawanna Coalition’s Legislative Director for seven years prior to his death.

Commissioner and Board Chair James S. Simpson and NJT Executive Director James W. Weinstein praised Raleigh for his advocy and presented a plaque containing the signatures of all Board members and the Executive Director to his widow, Frances. This marks the first time that the NJT Board has honored a citizen-advocate in this manner.

This is the resolution adopted by the board, which is enshrined on the plaque:

NJ TRANSIT salutes the life of James T. Raleigh
WHEREAS, a noted transportation advocate, James T. Raleigh was Legislative Director of the Lackawanna Coalition and championed innovative transportation services; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Raleigh actively participated in the Regional Rail Working Group to help advance rail projects that would greatly benefit riders; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Raleigh attended NJ TRANSIT Board meetings as well as legislative hearings, community meetings and rail conferences and was a powerful voice for transportation; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Raleigh had a passion for history, particularly the American Revolution and was an active supporter and President of the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield, where he became further involved in regional rail; and
WHEREAS, Mr. Raleigh was interested in the “big picture” transportation issue such as New York Penn Station capacity and the best way to serve the rail commuters;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that James T. Raleigh’s tireless advocacy and dedication and commitment to public transportation will serve as an inspiration to all for many years to come.