NJT Supervisor Nabbed in Bribe Case

Observers and critics of NJ Transit sometimes wonder where all the agency’s budget goes.  In the case of snow removal at the Trenton Transit Center, the answer may  be “into a contract awarded not through competition, but through bribery”. According to reporting by Mike Frassinelli in the Star-Ledger (Nov. 22), the manager of station terminals awarded the contract after the company paid a bribe of $16,000 in October, 2012, to secure it.  Unfortunately for supervisor Donna Schiereck, the money was paid first to another NJT employee, who turned out to be a federal informant.  Schiereck insisted on splitting the money, and she was arrested and appeared in federal court in Newark on Nov. 21.  Schiereck, 56, was a 33-year veteran of NJT and was paid over $79,000 last year.  She retired from her position on November 19.