PATH Fares Rise

The new one-ride fare on PATH is $2.50, effective October 1.  PATH fares for a single ride are thus equal to NYC subway and bus fares, although the PATH system is much smaller than New York City’s.  Free transfers to and from buses—a feature of the city system— are not included, nor are free transfers between PATH and city lines.  Ten-trip tickets for 10, 20, and 40 PATH rides cost $1.90 per ride; unlimited-ride passes are priced at $7.50 for one day, $26 for 7 days, and $80 for 30 days; these passes can be used only once each 18 minutes at a given station, so multiple people can’t use the same pass at the same time.  Senior fares (65 and older) remain at $1.00, but a special, personalized PATH smart card is required to secure this rate.  New York Metrocards are also usable to ride PATH; the Metrocard must have per-ride value on it, and $2.50 will be deducted for each ride.  PATH machines also issue MetroCards, but as in the machines on NYC subway stations, a new MetroCard will incur a $1 charge in addition to any value added.