Gladstone Service Coming Back, but at a Reduced Level

Morris County Service Also Cut

The Lackawanna Coalition has obtained a draft schedule for the Morris & Essex Line and Gladstone Branch, which is slated to take effect on Monday, December 3rd.  The good news is that Gladstone Branch service will return for the first time since Superstorm Sandy disrupted service late in October.  The bad news is that service will be reduced from previous levels, particularly midday service, which will run only every 2 hours.  Previous off-peak service ran hourly.
In addition, early-morning trains west of Summit toward Dover and Hackettstown will be eliminated.  The first morning train west of Summit is scheduled to arrive in Morristown until 8:14 and Dover until 8:35.
These are weekday schedules; if there are any changes in weekend service, they have not been announced yet.  The Lackawanna Coalition hopes this schedule will be temporary and that the M&E and Gladstone Lines will have their former levels of service restored soon.