NJT NonUnion Workers to Lose Free Ride Privileges

The time-honored perk of giving all railroad employees will end January 1 for NJ Transit nonunion employees,  following action at NJT’s Oct. 15 board meeting.  Union employees have the free rides written into their contracts, so won’t be affected, at least for the time being—although union contracts are currently under negotiation.  The change would be largely symbolic: the benefits have an estimated value of $1.6 million per year, a tiny fraction of NJT’s $3.1-billion budget.  However, it would bring NJT in line with several other transit operators, such at the Port Authority, which have eliminated free fares or free tolls for at least some employees. A line of angry employees queued up for the lectern as 30 people signed up to oppose the change at the board meeting, but to no avail: the board’s vote was unanimous.  (Mike Frassinelli, reporting in the Star-Ledger Oct. 16)