Livingston Plans New Feeder Service to M&E

The town of Livingston, which has no direct rail service, plans to institute a “jitney” feeder service from the Livingston Mall to the South Orange station of NJ Transit”s Morris and Essex Lines; the new service is expected to start in September.  There will be 2 services each hour during weekday peak periods: 6–10 a.m. and 4–9 p.m.; the one-way fare will be $2.

Including with a monthly commutation ticket on the railroad ($193), the total cost to commuters will be $277, according to Mike Frassinelli’s report in the Star-Ledger (July 25). The competition is Community Coach’s #77 bus line, which has come under fire for poor service; a bus pass costs $314, significantly higher than the new jitney-rail option.

The Lackawanna Coalition believes that feeder services and coordinated rail-bus services form an essential part of an effective public transportation system.