NJT Adjusts Bikes-on-Trains Policy

This article is from Railway Age, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Lackawanna Coalition
Calling it a “newly relaxed Bike Aboard Policy,” New Jersey Transit Monday said it will allow bicycles to board at all of its train stations effective July 1.
But while the policy includes all stations, access is still not at all times for standard bicycles, save for NJT’s Atlantic City Line in southern New Jersey.  The policy will also allow train crew members to use discretion when allowing bicycles onboard trains if they have concerns about public safety.  Folding bicycles may be brought aboard regardless of the time of day, however.
“We heard from many customers who felt that NJ TRANSIT’s bicycle policy was too restrictive to make riding their bikes to and from train stations a viable option,” said state Transportation Commissioner Simpson in a statement.  “In taking a fresh look at the existing policy, we found that some simple adjustments would enable us to significantly expand access for our bicycle-riding customers.”