Survey: NJT Doing Better; Rails Still Lag

For one year, NJ Transit has been encouraging its customers to participate in its periodic “Scorecard” survey of opinion.  The latest results show improvement, although NJT rail services continue to fare the worst among riders.  The latest results were from surveys between Feb. 21 and March 12, and were reported by Mike Frassinelli in the Star Ledger (May 10).  Scores run from 0 to 10, with 5.0 meaning “acceptable;”  NJT’s goal is to score 6.0.  On the latest results, the Access Link service for the disabled scored a resounding 8.3, followed by Light Rail (6.9) and Bus (5.9).  Rail services lagged with a score of 5.3, nonetheless above the Acceptable level.  Bus customers constitute 61% of total riders, Rail 31%, Light Rail 8%, and the handicapped Access Link less than 1%.  Both Rail and Bus customers gave relatively high ranks to NJT’s Web site.  The lowest scores for bus passengers were for information during service disruptions; rail passengers gave their lowest grade to fares, rating fares at only 4.1, perhaps a reflection of the 2010 25% average rail fare increase (47% for off-peak riders).