Let’s Get Behind Amtrak Tunnels

This editorial article was published in the Asbury Park Press. It is quoted here as a matter of interest, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Lackawanna Coalition.

It’s all water under the bridge now, or more precisely, water over the tunnel.

But the release on Tuesday of a federal Government Accountability Office report concerning the scuttled Hudson River rail tunnel project has opened old wounds and brought about a whole new round of “Gotchas!” and “I told you sos” from champions of the project and those who opposed it.  This is decidedly unhelpful.

What would be helpful is to put an end to partisan sniping and after-the-fact finger pointing, and find a way to get across the river.  And, in fact, there is one remaining possibility: the proposed Gateway Tunnel being studied by Amtrak, which would involve building a second set of tunnels and an annex to Penn Station in New York.  Instead of rehashing the past, New Jersey’s senators should continue their support for the Amtrak proposal, and the state ought to do what it can to move it along.

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