Lackawanna Coalition Calls on NJT to Pass Benefits of Budget Increase on to Riders

Gov. Clhris Christie has proposed an increase ofr $43.2 million in New Jersey Transit’s operating budget for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1st.  The Lackawanna Coallition has called for that money to be returned to riders.  The Coalition called for restoration of off-peak rail fares, which were eliminated last year, and for restoration of service on the Morris & Essex Line that was cut drastically in 2008.
The Coalition believes that a 25% discount for riding outside of peak commuter hours will encourage people to take the train when there is available capacity, and that lower fares for Hoboken riders, including at peak commuting hours, will encourage some customers to switch from New York to Hoboken commuting.  According to the Coalition statement, these policies could reduce the need for additional peak-hour capacity at Penn Station and make the most efficient use of the capacity of the entire system.