New Jersey Transit to Rehabilitate Electric Rail Cars

NJT will rehabilitate 170 “Arrow III” electric cars.  The project wil cost $15.6 million, or between $91,000 and $92,000 per car.  The cars were built in the 1970s are used on most Gladstone trains, as well as Dover and Montclair trains that originate or terminate at Hoboken.
The Lackawanna Coalition endorsed the move, noting that the electric cars are more suitable for use on the M&E Lines than the multilevel cars used for most New York trains.  The Coalition called for NJT to overhaul all 230 of the electric cars it owns, and to modify them so they can be used on M&E and Montclair-Boonton trains to and from Penn Station, New York.
The Coalition also called for the cancellation of the order for 100 multi-level cars as unnecessary in light of the cancellation of the ARC Project, and for new electric cars to be built, instead.